Blushing Bridesmaids

LuxeEventsNJ_NYCWeddingThink that a wedding color palette has to include a whole lot of color?  Think again!  Here, our Luxe bride made an elegant statement with soft and subtle mismatched bridesmaid gowns.  Paul Francis Photography perfectly captured this light and airy bridal party in New York City’s Central Park.


Embracing Your Heritage

Your wedding ceremony is an opportunity to honor and cherish cultural traditions that are meaningful to you as a couple.  You’ll just want to provide an explanation of these rituals in your wedding program or during your ceremony so that guests understand the meaning behind them and do not feel left out.

Below we’ll take a look back at how our clients personalized their day:

Sumena & James included a Thai water ceremony, in which they cupped their hands over an ornate bowl filled with flowers (symbolizing fertility). Their parents poured water from a conch shell over their hands as an offering of blessings and luck.


Leo Patrone Photography

Melanie & Adam included a Ukrainian wedding tradition, in which their right hands were bound by a “rushnyk”, an embroidered linen, to signify their unity and oneness for the rest of their lives.  The couple also stood on another “rushnyk” to represent stepping across the threshold of their new lives together.



How will you incorporate your culture and traditions into your big day?

Beyond the Wedding Cake

What’s more refreshing than ice cream on a hot, summer day?  These tasty treats are becoming more and more popular at our luxe weddings, as our couples opt out of the traditional wedding cake.

Katherine & Dan’s family and friends enjoyed ice cream cones at their outdoor wedding ceremony and reception hosted at Mountain Lakes House, which was the perfect setting for a relaxed and casual affair.


Most recently, Melanie & Adam treated their guests to their favorite dessert, Shake Shack’s homemade frozen custard ice cream.  Here’s a candid shot of Melanie having fun with the Shake Shack staff at their NYC library inspired wedding – priceless!


So, feel free to incorporate your favorite desserts into your wedding menu.  It’s a great way to personalize your day!

I Heart New York

A year ago today, Diana & Ruben renewed their vows with the NYC wedding they had always dreamed of.  Their reception was held at Midtown Loft & Terrace, right in the heart of NYC.  Here are some of the creative ways we incorporated “New York” into their day.

NYC inspired signage on water bottles and table reserve signs:



Mini hot dogs and burgers were served during cocktail hour, courtesy of Mimi’s Fusion of Flavors:


And even a caricaturist invited guests to take home a personalized wedding favor!


You can visit our gallery to see the rest of their wedding day details.

Happy Anniversary, Diana & Ruben!

The “Perfect” Wedding

Now that you are planning your wedding, you will quickly realize that perfect strangers, family and friends will offer you unsolicited wedding advice.  So we wanted to give you advice that will hopefully help you all the way through the planning process.

We recently came across an old New York Magazine Fashion Article entitled  “If Kimora’s Your Boss, Spell Her Name Right.”  Her name was misspelled under the logo of her designer clothing line at a Baby Phat after party. The funny thing is that no one noticed – not even Kimora!  It was actually the author of the article who pointed out the mistake to her.

We immediately thought…this is exactly what happens at weddings. Even if your wedding is perfect in your eyes, inevitably, someone will point out that it wasn’t.  They will complain that their name was misspelled on their escort card, that the music was too loud or that their champagne didn’t come at the right time.  So our advice to you…“YOU CAN’T AND WON’T PLEASE EVERYONE AT YOUR WEDDING.”  Therefore, focus on what’s important to you and your fiance and don’t lose focus of what your wedding is all about.  Of course, you’ll want to consider your guests (older guests, guests in a wheel chair, vegetarians, etc) but by keeping a healthy perspective you can be perfectly pleased with your day.  At the end of the day, the only thing that truly matters is that you married the one that you love!

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